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One Massively Fun Game
One Massively Fun Game - OMFG for short - is a pan-fandom RP game that allows both canon and original characters from canon sources. Any character from comic books to games and movies can be pulled onto OMFG to play so long as they come from more serious

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La Oscurita
10.00 102 123
Sora has lost the kingdom key to Riku, is there a chance he'll ever get it back? Ventus has awoken from his slumber, Aqua has escaped from the realm of darkness and Terra is still a Lingering Will. What will become of our heroes? Especially now that The L Comments
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NR 102 168
An original supernatural ( not the TV show) world RPG. Where vampires, werewolves, humans and witches are at war, each species trying to assure their survival. Comments
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NR 102 109
A brand new canine rpg set in present time after a nuclear reactor exploded. Canines are now the ruling species here! Comments
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NR 102 163
Mudblood is a Post-Canon Harry Potter RP set in the Year 2117 where the lines between the Muggle and the Magical worlds are being blurred. Now that Muggles know the secret, they are doing everything to be at par with magic. With a cold war going on, what Comments
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The Crossover
NR 101 91
Reality as we know it has come to an end, every reality has been turn asunder and from its ashes rose a new one, where all possibilities became one. Will you act as the universe's new destroyer or it Comments
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After a Dream
NR 98 58
Harvest Moon/Rune Factory based rp Comments
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Rising Sons
10.00 97 794
An Alternate Universe Supernatural site that follows the tumultuous lives of the next generation of Winchesters. Join us and support our RISING SONS. Comments
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Fragments of Time
10.00 95 57
If a clock could count down to the exact moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know? Fragments of Time is a modern “slice of life” Soulbind RPG loosely based off of the movie TiMER and located in an alternate universe London where the Politici Comments
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Gideon City
NR 94 390
May 10, 2009 a Encore Pharmaceuticals plant in Medina exploded, destroying the small town and killing well over half of the population. Only 172 citizen’s survived the explosion, those citizen’s however developed extraordinary powers. Comments
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Calling Me Home
NR 94 240
Beryl is slowly rising to power in a search for the Silver Crystal & her generals to bring the evil Metalia back, but the quest to locate the Sailor Senshi & the lost Princess Serenity is on. Will the Sailor Senshi manage to find their own princess & the Comments
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Fullmetal Alchemist Redemption
NR 93 99
Canon Soul Eater RP. Brand New! Based after the anime. Free Form RP for now Comments
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Zone Warz: Original Sci-Fi RPG
9.94 92 146
Here in Zone Wars, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Travel from planet to planet hunting down ancient artifacts, discovering lost civilizations, and witnessing everything the stars have to offer. Fight against magic, monsters, and machines in an Comments
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The Apocalypse Role Play
NR 92 5
Post apocalyptic role-play with all original characters, all skill-levels are welcome here! Comments
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Route 66
NR 90 3
A brand new AU Supernatural Season 9 with an end verse twist!
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Infernal Utopia
NR 90 313
Alt. universe Harry Potter RPG set approximately 20 years after the last book. Following what was the Third War, peace has returned & witches and wizards alike enjoy their lives. But there are whispers of a new threat growing. Which side will you join? Comments
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The Hidden
10.00 89 4
New RP Site ~ Supernatural creatures just living a normal life and surviving it with this generation of humans. Comments
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After a Dream v2
NR 89 83
A harvest moon/rune factory rp based. Comments
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Pokemon Revolution
NR 88 2
PokeRev is a brand new site that is just opening up. Ever get tired of the same old site? Want something other than just making a trainer, getting your starter, and traveling around getting badges and such? Or is it just that other forums are so limiting? Comments
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The Hunted V2
NR 88 9
A new and improved Hunted, located in post apocalyptic Ottawa Canada. An opened ended world with constantly changing environments driven by a unique plot advancement technique to ensure all members influence others and are influenced themselves. Comments
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Silver Droplets
10.00 87 81
As Pern enters into the 3rd pass, the Weyrs stand empty, except Fort Weyr. A mysterious disease has been killing off dragons and riders alike. Come make your mark on Pern. Comments
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