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The Queen's Games

QG is an AU Tamora Pierce rpg, set across the ocean from where her Tortall books take place. The Queen's Games are a competition that will determine the husband of the crown princess of Kalim, and will also determine the future of the board's plot.

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Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow
NR 111 115
Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow is a post canon Star Wars role play that is focused on user generated plots and set in 376.5 ABY. Our factions include the Jedi and Sith Orders, the Imperial Knights, Independents, and the Anti-Force Guild. Open and going s Comments
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Kingom Hearts: Sonora De Nox
10.00 109 190
A new threat has come forth and threatened the safety of the worlds. Rumors and whispers of someone terrorizing the worlds along with beings called the Corrupted. No one knows their true purposes yet or the threat they pose. What will you do? Will you sta Comments
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My world to your world
NR 108 111
This is a fantasy original RPG where you can play as any thing you wish. Magic, animals, demons and more. Comments
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Former Glory
10.00 107 204
A Sci-fi, Mystery, Super hero RP with a detailed story line. Enter into a world where your actions will help to evolve the city & story to the next level. Will you use your powers to destroy the world, or will you bring it back to its Former Glory? Comments
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Space Cowboy Role Play
NR 106 5
A Cowboy Bebop Role Playing site where you can explore the different worlds beyond earth. In the Cowboy Bebop world. Comments
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The Sun's End
NR 105 204
TSE is an Greek Mythology RPG set in the modern day world. Comments
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Wonderland Blood
NR 104 69
Alice Hastings has been living in Moon Falls all her life. Unlike other teenagers her own age, her family consists of creatures most people meet only in books or movies. Ever since her parents died when she was only 4, she has been raised by three vampire Comments
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Creators' Commons
8.00 104 16
Creators' Commons is a creative and inviting multi-RP community that is seeking both players and project leaders! We’re new on the web and we hope to expand our community! Come on down and say hi! Comments
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NR 104 157
A unique, fantasy , multi-species, post apocalyptic animal RP.
No word count.
Friendly and active staff.
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeons Beyond
NR 103 196
Based on the beloved PMD games, we hope to provide a friendly RPing atmosphere. Low word count, and a canon that's built with the help of the members! Comments
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The Lost Ones v2
NR 103 42
[Literate Fantasy Werewolf RPG] In Europe, two packs live on while their secret in America has been discovered. What will your destiny be? Comments
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La Oscurita
10.00 102 123
Sora has lost the kingdom key to Riku, is there a chance he'll ever get it back? Ventus has awoken from his slumber, Aqua has escaped from the realm of darkness and Terra is still a Lingering Will. What will become of our heroes? Especially now that The L Comments
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NR 102 108
A brand new canine rpg set in present time after a nuclear reactor exploded. Canines are now the ruling species here! Comments
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The Legend of Heroes
NR 102 37
A role playing forum based on the Kiseki series of the Legend of Heroes video game series. The story is set in the Lecross Kingdom, a island nation with relatively little technology, where there has been a recent incident resulting in an internal conflict Comments
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NR 102 158
Mudblood is a Post-Canon Harry Potter RP set in the Year 2117 where the lines between the Muggle and the Magical worlds are being blurred. Now that Muggles know the secret, they are doing everything to be at par with magic. With a cold war going on, what Comments
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Pokemon Animal Warriors Universe
10.00 101 0
A site and forum for Pokemon and animal lovers! Comments
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The Crossover
NR 100 90
Reality as we know it has come to an end, every reality has been turn asunder and from its ashes rose a new one, where all possibilities became one. Will you act as the universe's new destroyer or it Comments
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NR 100 2
from the ashes comes a new world where equines have split into two herds: one herd wants complete power and wealth, the other the rebellion against them. which side will you choose?
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NR 99 167
An original supernatural ( not the TV show) world RPG. Where vampires, werewolves, humans and witches are at war, each species trying to assure their survival. Comments
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Rising Sons
10.00 97 794
An Alternate Universe Supernatural site that follows the tumultuous lives of the next generation of Winchesters. Join us and support our RISING SONS. Comments
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