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Gundam Build Fighters Champions
We are an RPG Based on Gundam Build Fighters with a few elements related to the Gunpla Builders Beginning G series.

Rank Site Rating In Out
NR 95 2
from the ashes comes a new world where equines have split into two herds: one herd wants complete power and wealth, the other the rebellion against them. which side will you choose?
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Pokemon Animal Warriors Universe
10.00 94 0
A site and forum for Pokemon and animal lovers! Comments
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Gideon City
NR 94 389
May 10, 2009 a Encore Pharmaceuticals plant in Medina exploded, destroying the small town and killing well over half of the population. Only 172 citizenís survived the explosion, those citizenís however developed extraordinary powers. Comments
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Calling Me Home
NR 94 239
Beryl is slowly rising to power in a search for the Silver Crystal & her generals to bring the evil Metalia back, but the quest to locate the Sailor Senshi & the lost Princess Serenity is on. Will the Sailor Senshi manage to find their own princess & the Comments
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Fullmetal Alchemist Redemption
NR 93 97
Canon Soul Eater RP. Brand New! Based after the anime. Free Form RP for now Comments
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Zone Warz: Original Sci-Fi RPG
9.94 92 144
Here in Zone Wars, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Travel from planet to planet hunting down ancient artifacts, discovering lost civilizations, and witnessing everything the stars have to offer. Fight against magic, monsters, and machines in an Comments
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Infernal Utopia
NR 90 313
Alt. universe Harry Potter RPG set approximately 20 years after the last book. Following what was the Third War, peace has returned & witches and wizards alike enjoy their lives. But there are whispers of a new threat growing. Which side will you join? Comments
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The Crossroads
10.00 89 112
The Crossroads (CR) is an easy-going multi-genre forum that loves to see its members push the limits of their imagination. We have no word count, no application to join. We strive to create a drama-free, fun environment in which to role play without limit Comments
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After a Dream v2
NR 89 82
A harvest moon/rune factory rp based. Comments
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Route 66
NR 88 1
A brand new AU Supernatural Season 9 with an end verse twist!
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Silver Droplets
10.00 87 81
As Pern enters into the 3rd pass, the Weyrs stand empty, except Fort Weyr. A mysterious disease has been killing off dragons and riders alike. Come make your mark on Pern. Comments
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Bleach: Whispers in the Dark
NR 85 89
For the first time in many years there is complete and utter peace in the soul society. They could not be more content with the way of the world Arrancar are of no concern after a long confrontation leaving the smaller hollows leaderless and easy prey. Ti Comments
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The Hunted V2
NR 85 9
A new and improved Hunted, located in post apocalyptic Ottawa Canada. An opened ended world with constantly changing environments driven by a unique plot advancement technique to ensure all members influence others and are influenced themselves. Comments
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The Hidden
10.00 85 4
New RP Site ~ Supernatural creatures just living a normal life and surviving it with this generation of humans. Comments
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Shot in the Dark
NR 83 93
Set in the year 2022, SITD is an interactive roleplay with events and advancements available. The site focus is on character relations, interactive roleplay and student rivalries, with lots of plotting room for adult characters as well. Comments
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Anima Mundi
NR 83 59
Anima Mundi, a panfandom site, focuses heavily on characterization with a driving plot. With Bythos and Sige as your new gods, stringing together others worlds in an attempt to make their own 'perfect' world, what will you do? Comments
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Pokemon Revolution
NR 82 0
PokeRev is a brand new site that is just opening up. Ever get tired of the same old site? Want something other than just making a trainer, getting your starter, and traveling around getting badges and such? Or is it just that other forums are so limiting? Comments
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NR 81 141
a small town rpg where secrets are a normal way of living... Comments
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Crestwood Academy
NR 81 96
Crestwood Academy is a boarding school that houses young vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, and fairies. It keeps them safe and teaches them the skills they need to survive in a world where they're hunted. Comments
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From Dust
10.00 81 177
A world where you control where you go, how you grow, what you do.. the future is up to you. Be it peace, death, victory, or loss. Welcome to From Dust: a new era in original fantasy RP. Comments
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