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Frontier Under Fire
Frontier Under Fire is a dystopian / space western roleplay. The setting combines the rough industrial technology of Aliens, with the wild frontier themes of Firefly.

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Bleach: Whispers in the Dark
NR 87 89
For the first time in many years there is complete and utter peace in the soul society. They could not be more content with the way of the world Arrancar are of no concern after a long confrontation leaving the smaller hollows leaderless and easy prey. Ti Comments
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Lunari Addunt
NR 85 2
Here in Lunari we have 5 very different races from humans to shifters and even vampires. Feel free to explore our lands, but be careful, the war of the races carries on.
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Shot in the Dark
NR 84 95
Set in the year 2022, SITD is an interactive roleplay with events and advancements available. The site focus is on character relations, interactive roleplay and student rivalries, with lots of plotting room for adult characters as well. Comments
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10.00 84 30
Nocturne is a unique, original anime rp set in a world polluted by immortality. A world where Three gang's struggle has torn four cities apart.

A world where people will do anything to survive.
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Anima Mundi
NR 83 61
Anima Mundi, a panfandom site, focuses heavily on characterization with a driving plot. With Bythos and Sige as your new gods, stringing together others worlds in an attempt to make their own 'perfect' world, what will you do? Comments
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From Dust
10.00 81 177
A world where you control where you go, how you grow, what you do.. the future is up to you. Be it peace, death, victory, or loss. Welcome to From Dust: a new era in original fantasy RP. Comments
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NR 81 142
a small town rpg where secrets are a normal way of living... Comments
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Crestwood Academy
NR 81 97
Crestwood Academy is a boarding school that houses young vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, and fairies. It keeps them safe and teaches them the skills they need to survive in a world where they're hunted. Comments
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One Piece: Romance Dawn
NR 80 124
50 years since Monkey D Luffy and his Strawhats discovered One Piece, the World Government has a stronghold over the blues once more. When the time comes, will you stand up and fight!? Comments
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Deflou Spero
10.00 79 100
Deflou Spero is a fantasy / medieval site. It is set in a world that is thrust into chaos because random humans are suddenly appearing. On top of that, war looms on the doorstep to the castle that houses the royals. Unsure of what to take care of first Comments
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Camp Half-Blood
9.93 78 462
Welcome demigod.
Unsheathe your potential you ADHD/monster hallucinating/dyslexic/greek reading nut.
``A post Percy Jackson and the Olympians role playing site.
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Johnny's Entertainment School
NR 78 25
Welcome to The Johnny's Entertainment School! Comments
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Shadows Of Our Past
NR 77 74
A new world to explore, an ancient enemy seen in the skies. Will the people of New Crom suffer because of Pern's past? Comments
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Antiva Chronus Online
10.00 76 35
Antiva Chronus Online (ACO) is roleplay about a virtual reality game which lets players experience battle as if it was in real life. Only soon because of addiction to ACO, Game Master decides to trap 100,000 most addicted players inside it. On top of that Comments
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Scattered Worlds; A Kingdom Hearts RPG
NR 76 127
Scattered Worlds; a Kingdom Hearts Forum is a intermediate/advanced Kingdom Hearts role playing forum. The forces of darkness threaten to destroy the balance of the world. Will the Keyblade army be ready to face this double threat before all worlds fall t Comments
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Neverland Institution
8.00 75 66
Asylum/hospital/real life Rpg Comments
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NR 75 221

Step into our world. Where your wildest fantasies and deepest fears come to life.

In the shadows of Hollywood there lurks a world that most people only dream of. Where the things that haunt the silver screen actually c
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9.33 74 101
Dementus is set in present time. It's a Canine, Human, Feline rp surrounding two canine like species. Both species were created by Lucifer and served their master fully. But a tragic accident caused both species to fight amongst each other. Comments
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Strife and Command
9.00 73 1
As far back as any can recall the Confederation of Espalran has been an unstable place. While other nations unified around councils, crowns, or wealth Espalrans have been infighting and backstabbing, no political power ever controlling more than a moderat Comments
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The Tribeverse
10.00 70 74
Imagine a world without adults. Imagine a world where children roam free and have to fend for themselves. Imagine a world without rules. Comments
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