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We take place in the world of Elena Michaels, from the novels BITTEN by kelly armstrong. someone is threatening to expose the supernaturals to the humans. Also based on the TV show on SYFY with an original plot twist.

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Deathstown: a Cyberpunk urban supernatural RPG
10.00 908 1043

We are a play-by-post, no word count, Cyberpunk RPG with heavy elements of urban supernatural, steampunk, and Lovecraftian horror. This is a world where corporations hold all the power, and Death stalks cyberspace. Wanted positions open, original characte
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9.50 886 1947

Marked is a moderate/advanced modern fantasy roleplay; a place for writers to gather and spin tales of adventure, coming of age, romance, betrayal, lost artifacts, special powers, and mysterious creatures all in the secret world of the modern day.
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Superhero RPG
9.87 882 763

In a world filled with adventure, choose your path of becoming a Hero or Villain. Save the world, or live as it's King. You are the master of your own destiny. Gain EXP through RPing and make your character stronger. Write your own destiny.
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9.57 881 356
Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count and we have an easy application. Comments
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Kingdom Hearts: Confused Memories - Version 4
7.29 812 640

We are a Kingdom Hearts Roleplaying Forum featured by Proboards. This site has been running for 5+ years. The staff is helpful and the members are great. We have a lot of open canon characters and allow Original Characters!
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Type-Rn/Mobius of Echelon
8.84 725 611

T-Rn/MoE is an interactive Type-Moon roleplay forum dedicated to all works of the Nasuverse. Rather than one work we pride ourselves on encompassing facets of multiple works of the Nasuverse. It is composed of Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, KnK and more.
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10.00 717 446
A non-canon Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin RP Comments
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Haven City - Modern superpowers rp
9.88 687 168
What would you do if the next door you opened didn't lead to the room you expected it to, but instead showed a new World, a new beginning and a chance to start anew?

Step into Haven City, a bustling urban city where some have superpowers. Will it be yo
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Shades of Vertigo
9.77 673 964

Shades of Vertigo is a intermediate-to-elite level roleplaying forum based on the Soul Eater manga. We operate on a scale of talent-and-skill-responsive member ranks, giving greater and greater freedoms to those who demonstrate significant ability as memb
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Avatar: Hou Tian
10.00 667 775

It's been 7 years since the end of the great war, and tension still brews between the four nations by will of a deadly plague bound into remission by the presence of an anti-bender faction called The Jade Shark.
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Struggle of Souls
9.99 622 825

Struggle of Souls is a post Soul Eater manga based Role-play site. The time frame is one year after the defeat of Asura. Death the Kidd connected the lines of Sanzo in his fight with Asura and became the new Shinigami. He now runs the school as his father
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Carpe Noctum
NR 605 212
It's the year 2016. Four years have past since the big battle between the people of Carpe Noctum and the Rose Alliance. But bigger and more evil beings are roaming in the outskirts of the town, preparing for the ultimate attack. No one is safe. Who's sid Comments
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Final Fantasy Nation
NR 586 690

A LITERATE FF/KH/DISNEY ROLEPLAY SITE. That opens the possibility of many role playing adventures! Join today!
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In MIddle Earth
5.50 571 324
This RPG forum is based mainly in J.R.R.Tolkienís books concerning the Lord of the Rings. This forum takes place after the War of the Ring amidst the new challenges and problems of an ever-changing world. We hope you enjoy your time here and register with Comments
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10.00 561 102
A fantasy canine & feline elemental rp. We offer 5 empires to join & 2 clans that can be created. Over 5 species are allowed as a default, but you can buy any animal using our point system. Comments
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Shadows University
10.00 557 423

The year is 1938, the weather cold and snowing as it always did in this side of town. A woman dressed in black dress and a leather coat with gloves in order to stifle the winter stood outside the gates of a big building that had just been constructed with
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The Fallen World
10.00 550 149
Earth's history is forever changed, plunged into darkness, magic and chaos where the supernatural roam and the evil reign. The Fallen World is the best of Freeform Role-Play. Created by Serenesta, Dizzy, and Krisper formerly MSN role-players who have take Comments
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Frontier Under Fire
10.00 541 268

Frontier Under Fire is a dystopian / space western roleplay. The setting combines the rough industrial technology of Aliens, with the wild frontier themes of Firefly.
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Perfect World
NR 541 571

Perfect World is an urban fantasy roleplay set in present-day Tokyo, inspired by Yuu Watase's Fushigi Yuugi (and others). The walls between the worlds have thinned, making magic and demons commonplace.
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Naruto: Legacies Reborn RPG
9.33 540 357

An *active* RPG where your shinobi has the power to impact the ninja world in ways you could only dream of. Join and create your own Legacy. *We are searching for new capable staff!*
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