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Midnight Wars
Midnight Wars is a paragraph-style roleplay site with an alternate universe fantasy setting. We allow shapeshifters, elves, humans, vampires, giants, fae, and anything else you can think of! Our admins are very open-minded when presented with new ideas. W

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Never Neverland
10.00 363 545

NNL is an original fantasy role play - a completely unique setting, races, and story. This is a community that continues to build. We try to make plenty of opportunities for members - new and old - to get involved, interact, and help the site, storyline,
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Final Fantasy Worldz
10.00 316 151

An updated version of a Final Fantasy role playing website, in which members can create custom characters (or play as canon), weapons, spells, summons, etc... Current worlds include FFI to FFXIII. There is sure to be a something for everyone and the helpf
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10.00 315 358

There have always been two dominant races on the Earth. The first were the humans and the second were abnormals a group of cryptids, mutants, and people with extraordinary abilities. The only thing that keeps the balance between the two races is a network
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9.99 299 176
In the Empire of Ossero magic is being eradicated -- one person at a time. The people have risen up against a mad, fanatical empire and this civil war has pitted brother against brother. With time running out and danger lurking around every corner -- what Comments
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One Piece Adventure
9.78 297 232
A non-canon One Piece role-playing forum, where you create your own journey in an alternative One Piece world where you can strive to become anything. An infamous pirate or a fearsome marine? No problem! Comments
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10.00 296 92
Ausus is a play-by-post mythical equine role playing game. Characters are almost completely customizable to the player, including physical appearances, traits, and defects. Comments
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Megaman EXE RPG
10.00 292 429

Experience the world of Megaman Battle Network, but with a twist to the storyline! Create your own Operator and Navi, then play with other members in a world you help to shape!
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Dogs Of War
10.00 290 295
At Dogs of War you have the chance to take a nation, a capital, or even just a soldier or citizen through everyday life or any of those Wars that shaped a nation and had ripple effects throughout the world. The call to arms is here, the choice is yours Comments
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Crossing Field ://a sword art online rpg
NR 284 258
Sword Art Online (ソードアート・オンライン) is the first ever VRMMORPG produced by Argus for the NerveGear, with Kayaba Akihiko as the development director. The RPG of Crossing Field Comments
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Magus Wars
NR 283 342

After the destruction of the Holy Grail, a war between mages has broken out. As a result, mages are battling each other with the help of Servants, human familiars known as Heroic Spirits. Where will you stand?
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Lunari Addunt
10.00 280 160
Literate | Fantasy RP| Futuristic
Come join the humans and other 4 species that we have in the world. The races are fighting to be the best of the best. Who will win? What race will you choose?
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Otherworldly Relapse 2.0
10.00 276 184
In the beginning, there was only one universe. Created by a god of awesome power, the universe contained galaxies with life-sustaining planets spiraling eternally on the vast expanse of space. Darkness and light struggled for supremacy in the petri dish k Comments
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This is War
9.14 274 200
an original fantasy rpg featured namely in the UK; in a time where the tensions of each race and normals are bouncing off of one another and territories are being locked down to differentiate where one might be safe from each other.
this is war.
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Sailor Moon Revelations
9.00 271 255
Sailor Moon Revelations is a brand new R rated, AU modern day, live action look at the series. We are currently are just starting out and are looking for talented writers who enjoy developing story and diving deeper into characters we all know and love. W Comments
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Chaotic Origin
NR 270 239
Bred through fire, magic, and blood these are the real bumps in the night that live among us. Join us for the adventure for what should have been, could have been, or wait... is it reality. Comments
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Invader Zim Roleplay: Head Pigeons
NR 264 209
A pure Invader Zim and Jhonen-verse roleplay site - accepting intermediate to experienced members. Original characters are allowed and indeed encouraged due to the small pool of canons, but the plot ties together both OC and Canon in a battle for the univ Comments
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WildWhispers v2
9.75 261 81
WW is a semi-realistic, semi-advanced equine RPG with friendly staff and an easy minimum word count of 50. You can play as either a Tribe horse, loner, or even a canon character.

Come join us!
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Sanctuary of Dreams- FF/KH AU
10.00 255 130
A friendly Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts AU Roleplay forum. With Plenty of canons to pick from or the choice to make an OC. Join the fight of the Gods as Light and Dark wage war in the worlds. Which side will you choose? Comments
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The Lion King: Dark Horizon V2
10.00 252 85
Scar's name is only a memory in the minds of the elders. A new generation has grown, unaware of the evil that came before. Simba remains king of the Pridelands as Zira plots her final battle. what will happen once the Outsiders join Simba's pride? Has pea Comments
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Deadman Wonderland Redemption
NR 251 167
A new era... it's been about 5 years since the Scar Chain have made it out of Deadman Wonderland. The former deadmen are now living in society and using their branch of Sin for a 'greater good' so to speak.. but not all..
Deadman Wonderland is still a f
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