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Pulp adventure AU PGSM RP: swords and sorcery, princesses and pirates, werewolves and alchemy. Original characters welcome!

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DBZ Cataclysm
10.00 155 137
A new stat-based forum RPG based on the universe of DBZ. Take on the role of your favorite character or create your own, forging original stories and battles outside of Dragonball Canon. Accepts all levels of writers. Comments
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Chapter One
10.00 152 66
In every generation, there is a chosen one. She alone shall stand against the vampires, demons, and forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. The year is 2013 and the newest slayer has been Called. A young teenager, Buffy Summers is less than eager to accept Comments
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NR 151 83
Denial is a unique Guild Hunters and Kate Daniels crossover. The magic apocalypse has taken the world by storm, and now everyone is struggling to survive in a world they thought they knew so well. Now, that world has turned on them, or rather, magic has, Comments
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Senshi of Terra
10.00 150 258
Welcome to Senshi of Terra, an AU Sailor Moon RP. Neo Queen Serenity and her court were assassinated years ago... so long ago that it has become a distant memory. Comments
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Soul Watchers
10.00 148 52
We've lasted two years now, and we're still accepting new members who are just as into wolves as we are. Literate and always welcoming newbies with open arms. Check us out Comments
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Room to Grow - A Teen Titans Roleplay
NR 145 264
Recently opened, Room to Grow is intended to be a sort of continuation to the Cartoon Network show "Teen Titans", set shortly after the series finale. Both Canon and Original characters are accepted. Comments
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Blood Moon
5.50 144 226
A True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse & Southern Vampire Mysteries Role Play. Comments
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Sharingan curse
7.00 143 334
Set during the Naruto Shippuden, Sharingan Curse documents an alternative world leading up to the Fourth Great Shinobi War. The site features numerous custom characters and a wide variety of canon characters for you pick from.All roleplaying skill levels Comments
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Hogwarts: Darkness Fight
NR 138 154
The war with Voldemort left both sides of the magical community in shambles, several of each side had died with everyone giving valiant efforts to keep Hogwarts safe. The good had thought they were safe, even celebrating when the death eaters retreated. H Comments
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Sherwood Secrets
NR 138 132
King Richard is dead! As is Robin Hood and his men. The throne sits vacant and England is in turmoil. Yet deep within the forest, a secret is about to be revealed. The Legend of Robin Hood lives on! What side will you choose? Comments
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10.00 136 82
A New AU Warrior Cats RPG. The clans are being tested by their ancestors again, and this time, it looks as though their faith has been shaken to the core. Rain and storms have been constant in this Greenleaf... but how long can it last? Comments
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Colliding Differences
NR 132 247
We are a site based of the House of Night novels, but with a twist. In our plot, Zoey died...and Kalona took over, even daring to make his own breed of fledglings. Now the world is a much darker place. Interested? Take a chance...and step into the shadows Comments
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Symphony of War
NR 130 226
Welcome to the first true Sucker Punch RP site on the internet!
Learn to escape in your mind, where you take control, and dreams are reality. What would you dream? Who would you be? How will you face your fear, your anger, your happiness and most of all
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7.67 129 84
Ciroc is an all-level semi-realistic wolf roleplay with a great community and room to grow! With many member-driven plots, a varied terrain, developed pack cultures, and open horizons; you can become nearly anything. Join a pack and climb your way up the Comments
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Manga High School
10.00 129 151
A high school for meta-humans is hidden just outside New York City. How will the students react to pressure, both inside school and outside? Comments
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Dar'Lorn: A World Without Restraints
NR 128 67
In a world of fantasy anything you think up becomes reality. In Dar’Lorn, it is not any different. Where a country is torn between racial rivalries and questioning citizens wondering what exactly the Count does up in the castle that overlooks most of the Comments
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Hidden Amaranth
9.50 127 105
Trisan City, a Victorian city of beauty and immeasurable dark depths, filled with strange human-like species. From the sleek beauty of the Pagan-like Dark Angellics to the long tail and height of the vampiric Tainted Roses and the odd skin abilities of th Comments
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Gundam Build Fighters Champions
10.00 125 40
We are an RPG Based on Gundam Build Fighters with a few elements related to the Gunpla Builders Beginning G series. Comments
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NR 124 126
A mutant prison && War RPG Comments
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Paint this Town
NR 124 61
Maybe you’re tired of the big city. Or maybe you’ve been country all your life. Either way, Kyle Texas is undergoing some major changes, and it’s bound to impact your life.

Welcome to Paint This Town, a laid-back forum that focuses on character develop
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