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The Shift
Destruction came in 2012. Rebirth in 2013. Earth is now a world of magic, myth and the supernatural. Modern fantasy/horror collaborative writing rpg.

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Behind The Mask
10.00 203 194
Welcome to the year 3032. The weather's getting colder, but the atmosphere's burning up a little: just be sure to beware of what's Behind the Mask. An original animanga superpower roleplay forum. Comments
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9.88 201 254
A new Eragon Inspired RPG, set in the land world of Cestion. The Grandmaster of the Dragon Riders has been assassinated, throwing the workings of the riders into doubt. Will you be a Rider? Elf? Dwarf? Human? Or DRAGON! What is the DragonSpire? Comments
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NR 198 144
Deaths are happening, normal humans have no clue of the situation, but those supernatural creatures that exist aren't happy with what's going on. Are you one of those supernatural creatures who wants to be recognized for protection? Or do you prefer the p Comments
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Hogwarts Galaxia
NR 196 343
Fear surrounds the Austrian wizarding world. It's been almost four years and the Ministry of Magic is still under fire for the attack led by the Dark Lord on Minister Maghnall's birthday. What was supposed to have been a carefree evening led to an all out Comments
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Tekken: The King of Iron Fist Roleplay
NR 195 475
The year is 2015, a mere 3 months after Jin Kazama's war ravaged the world. The Devil-ridden man had disappeared after an ethereal phenomenon took place in Egypt and left the Mishima Zaibatsu under a new leader, Lars Alexandersson. Comments
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10.00 195 172
An original supernatural-fantasy role-play set in an alternate world boasting a mixture of medieval and steam punk style themes. Complete with vampires, werewolves, elves, faeries, ogres, kindred, custom designed dragons, slayers, humans, merfolk, druids, Comments
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NR 191 91
We take place in the world of Elena Michaels, from the novels BITTEN by kelly armstrong. someone is threatening to expose the supernaturals to the humans. Also based on the TV show on SYFY with an original plot twist. Comments
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Bleach Afterlight
7.00 191 60
Bleach Afterlight is a brand new, slowly building up roleplay forum based on the popular anime by Tite Kubo. We take things one step at a time, making sure everything flows well but stays casual without getting too serious or over the top.

The site is
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Dragon Braved
NR 187 86
AU 10th Pass, Post AIVAS, Semi-Canon DRoP RPG Comments
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Wisteria Weyr
10.00 187 22
In the 3015th turn dragons have all but been wiped out by a plague, only a few remain, but as the red star returns there is a clutch on the sands. Comments
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Kingdom Hearts Re:Awakening
5.50 187 80
We're a fluid-time canon KH site with allowances for AUs and roleplays that diverge from the canon directly. We're also deeply obsessed with exploring Kingdom Hearts and its characters. Comments
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Vylless: Survival
10.00 186 117
We are a 10th Pass, Semi-Cannon, AU Pern.

Thread falls in rivers, Dragons and Whers fight for their lives, Natural Disasters plague our land. But still: We Will Survive.
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Prepare for Trouble
NR 186 122
Prepare for Trouble allows individuals to join the ranks of Team Rocket. As Rocket operatives, there are a variety of missions to complete and careers to pursue (i.e. scientist, advocate, etc.). Comments
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One Massively Fun Game
10.00 182 287
One Massively Fun Game - OMFG for short - is a pan-fandom RP game that allows both canon and original characters from canon sources. Any character from comic books to games and movies can be pulled onto OMFG to play so long as they come from more serious Comments
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Beyond Bionis
10.00 181 262
A great war is over. The gods are dead. The world begins anew... Based on the JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles, we are magitech fantasy with a focus on exploration and collaborative world-building. No word count, canon newbies welcome - we accept both canon char Comments
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Anime Galaxy
NR 178 176
A fantasy roleplay site Comments
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The Sci Fi Files
10.00 177 309
we are an advanced multigenre-fandom roleplay site, with topics running over serveral tv shows such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Supernatural, Lost, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Dollhouse and V
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The War in Heaven
NR 176 77
A panfandom roleplay wherein characters are plunged in the greatest battle, a War within time and space with history as the weapon and holding on to your past as the greatest victory. Comments
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Fangtasia Shreveport
10.00 176 112
At first glance, Bon Temps, Lousiana looks like every other normal sleepy Southern town. But this place is anything but normal. In this world Vampires, Witches, Fairie Werewolves and Shifters live among the humans and life is more like a horror film then Comments
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Hunters Playground
10.00 176 88
When vampires run from their masters (aka Angels and Archangels alike) it is the Guild Hunters who search and bring to heel these roaming rogues. Sometimes it is a matter of life and death especially when instead of following through with your 100 year co Comments
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