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After a Dream v2
A harvest moon/rune factory rp based.

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Dragon Braved
NR 187 87
AU 10th Pass, Post AIVAS, Semi-Canon DRoP RPG Comments
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One Massively Fun Game
10.00 182 288
One Massively Fun Game - OMFG for short - is a pan-fandom RP game that allows both canon and original characters from canon sources. Any character from comic books to games and movies can be pulled onto OMFG to play so long as they come from more serious Comments
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The War in Heaven
NR 182 77
A panfandom roleplay wherein characters are plunged in the greatest battle, a War within time and space with history as the weapon and holding on to your past as the greatest victory. Comments
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Anime Galaxy
NR 181 178
A fantasy roleplay site Comments
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Beyond Bionis
10.00 181 262
A great war is over. The gods are dead. The world begins anew... Based on the JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles, we are magitech fantasy with a focus on exploration and collaborative world-building. No word count, canon newbies welcome - we accept both canon char Comments
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Hunters Playground
10.00 179 88
When vampires run from their masters (aka Angels and Archangels alike) it is the Guild Hunters who search and bring to heel these roaming rogues. Sometimes it is a matter of life and death especially when instead of following through with your 100 year co Comments
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Utopia Rising
NR 178 116
The current year is 2018 and magic has come back to Earth. All sorts of magical and supernatural creatures exist on Earth though most humans know nothing of their existence. The Broods, a race of cat shape shifters with psionic abilities, live in secret o Comments
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Dinky Dungeons
9.50 178 479
A roleplaying game site for players with a sense of humor. Includes Dinky Dungeons nostalgia, the Dinky Dragons free RPG, gamer trivia and more! Comments
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The Sci Fi Files
10.00 177 309
we are an advanced multigenre-fandom roleplay site, with topics running over serveral tv shows such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Supernatural, Lost, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Dollhouse and V
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Fangtasia Shreveport
10.00 177 113
At first glance, Bon Temps, Lousiana looks like every other normal sleepy Southern town. But this place is anything but normal. In this world Vampires, Witches, Fairie Werewolves and Shifters live among the humans and life is more like a horror film then Comments
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Hogwarts: Four Houses
10.00 172 289
It's passed the time of the original characters, and Hogwarts has been restored to it's former glory, under a new Headmaster. Unfortunately, with the same school comes some of the same strife; tough teachers, bullies, prejudice against muggle-born witche Comments
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Jack of All Trades
10.00 171 122
An anime rp site covering multiple anime and open to adding more. Our locations are all on one map to encourage crossovers. Tons of canons available, original characters allowed.. Comments
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In the Midnight Hour
10.00 167 195
In the year 2012, things have taken a turn. After a viral outbreak from our own government wiped out humans world wide, the canines had now become the ruling species. But, in a mechanical malfunction, a nuclear war head was released from a military base, Comments
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The Bellefonte Academy
5.50 167 418
Welcome to the Bellefonte Academy - A school for specially gifted children, teenagers and adults. A X-Men/AU Marvel inspired role play. Comments
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NR 167 157
The silhouette seemed to change before your eyes. The glowing orbs bounced the the consuming darkness.
Fantasy Wolf Role-play // Multiple Packs // Chosen Abilities
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A W A K E N ¤¤ Far From Home ¤¤
10.00 165 124
A W A K E N ¤¤ Far From Home ¤¤

- Teens stranded on a spaceship -
- NOT hard-core sci-fi, just teens interacting in a new setting/situation -
- Basic to intermediate, 200 words+ preferred -

58 teens wake after years of sleep a to find themselves
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Destiny's Horizon
NR 161 332
AU Final Fantasy set after XIII-2 and welcoming characters from all games for a plot centered around a bloody civil war. Comments
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Kiam RPG
10.00 160 115
Humanity were foolish once, they destroyed the world and sought to create a utopia; Kiam. Free of pollution and the damage that humanity had done to their own world Earth, they set about the migration to this paradise, only to awaken in a living hell. Thr Comments
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Bleach Story RPG
NR 158 517
A new Bleach RPG where you can RP your own character. And a discussion forum for lovers of the Anime and Manga Bleach. Comments
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Galao Sorcen
10.00 158 103
Galao is a world where magic, or sorcery, is commonplace, but those that possess it are not always welcome by ordinary people. Some sorcerers work to protect Galao from the destructive properties of magic, while others desire ultimate power in the pursuit Comments
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