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Rising Sons
An Alternate Universe Supernatural site that follows the tumultuous lives of the next generation of Winchesters. Join us and support our RISING SONS.

Rank Site Rating In Out
NR 260 84
Welcome to Rosebrook, a small city consisting of 16,000 unique individuals. Unbeknownst to most, Rosebrook is one of the few communities housing Significants. A group of people who imprint with their soul mate creating an inseparable bond, not to mention Comments
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Deadman Wonderland Redemption
NR 258 167
A new era... it's been about 5 years since the Scar Chain have made it out of Deadman Wonderland. The former deadmen are now living in society and using their branch of Sin for a 'greater good' so to speak.. but not all..
Deadman Wonderland is still a f
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Sanctuary of Dreams- FF/KH AU
10.00 257 131
A friendly Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts AU Roleplay forum. With Plenty of canons to pick from or the choice to make an OC. Join the fight of the Gods as Light and Dark wage war in the worlds. Which side will you choose? Comments
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Devil Never Cry
10.00 254 80

In this world supernatural creatures lurk around every corner some are always out for blood, while others prefer to live normal lives. Who can you trust? Sometimes humans are the worst monsters of all.
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NR 248 129
In present day, scientists have discovered a new chromosome that had been hiding within human genetics. This new gene has been the excuse to why people are able to use magic. A new era is upon us, and the Governments are scared. To take care of their coun Comments
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Roleplay Central
9.74 247 716
Thank you for taking the time to check out our new site and hopefully you will enjoy this as much as we do! We hope to expand people's mind by having this as an open verse site and with any type of storylines imaginable. So hop into your writing caps and Comments
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8.60 247 191
Set 60 years after the events of Zoids New Century Zero, the Backdraft has returned in a new and deadly way....But is the Zoids Battle Commission still the good guy it once was....Come forge your own winning streak in this forum run, text based mecha RPG! Comments
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Ouran Rhapsody
NR 244 316
A semi-literate to literate RPG, Rhapsody has a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere where members can enjoy the role play life of Ouran Academy. We hope to see you there! Comments
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Shape of the Soul
NR 244 184
A Soul Eater roleplay set after the end of the anime. Asura has fallen, but more will rise to take his place. Will the DWMA survive? It's your job to either help, or defeat the academy. Comments
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10.00 240 171

Fate has played a passive role on the planet for eons. Small events would happen; soul mates finding each other, cancer victims beating the odds and even birth. Fate may interact with human life every moment of everyday but these interactions are minuscul
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All Damned
10.00 234 79
[will be updated] Comments
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Naruto: Tales of the Shinobi
NR 232 205
Come check us out for yourself; we're always looking for new faces and fresh ideas. Comments
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Scriptor Bay
10.00 226 159
A multi-species supernatural RP based in the fantasy city of Scriptor Bay, Oregon. Where guardians protect the city in secret. Do you have what it takes to be a Guardian? Comments
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Kingdom Hearts: One Sky
10.00 223 392

A year after the defeat of Xemnas, Sora and Riku were safely returned to Destiny islands with the rest of their friends. All was peaceful, however one letter in a bottle changed everything. Though things had been still, darkness lurked around the corner.
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Imporia: Opus Dei
10.00 222 93

We're a fresh bipedal Werewolf RP site, with a big plot and open high ranks. Staff positions are open and we're accepting members semi-literate to advanced. Are you ready?
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Harvest Moon Meadow
9.50 217 587
Ever played Harvest Moon? We have! Join enthusiasts of the game and make friends all over the world! Friendly members and staff make this site one of the best forums around. Join the RPG or just hang out, it's up to you. Comments
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After The Fall
10.00 217 64
A completely original plot where you can rp a wolf or a human. Comments
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10.00 205 309

Nightshift is a character-driven game focusing on the machinations of the supernatural creatures who stalk the night of a creepy, eccentric beach town.
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Last To Fall
10.00 204 187

Last To Fall is a monster hunter rp. Here you can gather with your friends and head off on quests to defeat great and powerful creatures. But that's not all! The world is slowly being poisoned by and evil forced called the corruption. For this monster and
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Vampire Knight: Fading Twilight
10.00 203 121
Non Canon Vampire Knight RolePlay Comments
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